Introducing Philosophy Maps

Philosophy, as a field of study from a modern lens, is the evolution of thought that has shaped how history is both recorded, interpreted, and organized. While thoughts are largely linguistic in their formulation and communication, many mental imagery and associations from symbols & graphic art to concept & mind maps are omitted. Perhaps these omissions are due to a cognitive bias of the individuals who partake in this field inquiry. Another possibility is that mere perception is inadequate to capture the various nuances of argument. Regardless, it may be useful for myself and others that thought be structured in a visual-intuitive manner for both future retention and understanding.

I will begin with Bertrand Russel’s The History of Philosophy as I find his work comprehensive in scope and well-organized into chronological schools of thoughts. For each reading, I’ll be producing concept maps (Xmind) and drawing any visual imagery that stirs the imagination.

Introducing Philosophy Maps

5 thoughts on “Introducing Philosophy Maps

  1. Luc BROOS says:

    I ‘m extremely pleased to encounter this blog during my quest to understand the broader picture which leads to our current understanding of the soul-mind-body connection, which I believe is of major importance in painting another than the biological dimension in comprehending contemporary disease. Congratulations on the quality, clarity and extension of this tremendous undertaking. Thank you so much for sharing this information.

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    1. Thanks for your interest Luc. It is interesting that you bring up disease as one of the problems with the contemporary understanding of the human condition is the loss of myth or narrative that gives context to the mind-body-soul. In short, we now develop faculties for their own sake and often in isolation but know no longer why we do so; that purpose has now to be rediscovered instead of given which is a tall-order for each and everyone.


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